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Free Shipping on all orders over £50

BG Evolve PCDSBTDM2B Satin Brass \2 Gang 200W-Black Insert

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Original price £25.00
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Satin Brass Evolve 2 Gang 200W Trailing Edge Master Touch Dimmer - Black Insert

About Product:

  • 200W Rated (100W LED)
  • Easy to install, supplied with fixing screws and installation instructions
  • Adjust your light level for mood setting as well as energy saving with 2 way on/off
  • Trailing (lagging) edge dimmer suitable for dimming LED, dimmable CFL's andtraditional lighting
  • Soft start brings the lights to a set level in around 1 second andextends the life of lamps
  • Overload protection prevents failure if you mistakenly connect your dimmer to too many lights or transformers, and will turn the lights down or off until the load is corrected
  • Silent operation - no noise when dimming
  • Support for lower wattage lamps eliminates flicker
  • Touch control
  • Screwless front plate clips on and off easily, ideal for redecorating - polycarbonate construction with metal veneer

This Evolve Satin Brass double master trailing edge touch dimmer allows you to control your light levels and set the mood.

The intelligent electronic circuit monitors the connected load and provides a soft-start with protection against thermal, current and voltage overload, and is suitable for dimming LED, dimmable CFL's and traditional lighting.

This dimmer has a low profile screwless flat plate that clips on and off, making it ideal for modern interiors