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BG, Luceco & Masterplug orders over £50 qualify for free UK mainland delivery

Astroflame Trowel Grade Sealant - CE Marked (5kg)

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Astroflame Trowel Grade Sealant - CE Marked (5kg)

Key Points:

  • CE Marked.
  • ULEU Accreditation.
  • Fire resistance tested in flexible walls, rigid walls and floors.
  • Tested in Linear Joints up to 50mm wide.
  • Tested in large service openings up to 490 x 150mm.
  • Tested with Metallic Pipes, Cables, Cable Bunches, Cable Trays and Cable Ladders, please refer to the test certification.
  • For use in low movement joints, remains flexible.
  • Shelf Life 18 months.
  • Tested in accordance with EN1366-3:2009 - Fire Resistance - Penetration Seals.
  • Tested in accordance with EN1366-4:2009 - Fire Resistance - Linear Seals.
  • Classified in accordance with EN13501-2 - Fire Resistance.
  • Tested in accordance with EN10140-2:2010 - Airborne Sound.
  • Tested in accordance with EN1026:2000 - Air Permeability.


Trowel Grade Sealant is a water based acrylic sealant used to reinstate the fire resistance of wall and floor constructions in linear joints and where apertures are penetrated by multiple services. Trowel Grade Sealant Fire Resistant Sealant has been developed utilising specialist polymer technologies allowing it to be tested and Certified to internationally recognised standards, including CE marking and UL Listings. Trowel Grade Sealant Fire Resistant has been tested and Certified as part the Fire Stopping range. The Trowel Grade Sealant system can be installed across a variety services and substrates including,

  • Flexible and Rigid Walls
  • Rigid Floors
  • Multi-Service penetrations
  • Blank Openings
  • Head of Walls
  • Fire Resistant Batts

*For specific details please refer to the test certification.


General Characteristics Inspection Method Value
Product Data (uncured)
Density (S.G) ASTM D792:13 1.63
Appearance Paste, matt finish
Resistance to flow ISO 7390 : 2003 Pass
Product Data (after curing)
Hardness Shore A ISO 7619-1 : 2010 63/39
Movement Capability 7.5%
Operating Temperature °C -5 to 40
Loss Mass of Mass on Heating ISO 3451-1 (Method A) 68.34
Flexibility - Bend Test ISO 1519 Pass
Conditioning EOTA TR024 Type X


  • Trowel Grade White coloured sealant comes in 5kg tubs

Download and review any of the following information:

Certification/Fire Test Reports:

CE InformationCE Marked Documents
'DoP's are 'Declaration of Performance'
'CoC's are 'Certificate of Constancy of Performance'
'TDS' are 'Technical Data Sheet'
'ETA's' are 'European Technical Assessment Sheet'

ul-eu_certification'UL Documentation' are 'UL - EU Certificate'