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BG, Luceco & Masterplug orders over £50 qualify for free UK mainland delivery

Astroflame PFP FR Graphite - CE/UKCA (Cartridge - Grey 310ml)

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Astroflame PFP FR Graphite - CE/UKCA (Cartridge - Grey 310ml)

Key Points:

  • Classified in most constructions for plastic pipes, cables and combustible pipe insulations.
  • Easy to apply.
  • High sound insulation.
  • Low emissions - environmentally and user friendly.
  • Simple to apply with a smooth surface finish.
  • Permanently flexible – will accommodate movement up to 12.5%.
  • No priming necessary for application to most materials; see the installation instructions for further details.
  • Suitable for most surfaces, included concrete, bricks, Leca, steel, wood, gypsum, glass, plastics and most non-porous surfaces.
  • Hardens quickly, tack free after 1 hour.
  • The fire performance specification of the joint filler has been derived when the joint filler has been allowed to cure for 30 days.
  • Minimum 12 months storage time.
  • 30 years working life.


Astro PFP FR Graphite is a high specification formulation designed to prevent the spread of fire, smoke and gases through openings in fire rated walls and floors. Astro PFP FR Graphite expands when it is subjected to fire and closes openings around penetrations when any combustible or low temperature melting materials have burnt away.

Astro PFP FR Graphite is designed to fire seal difficult services which traditional fire rated mastics do not achieve such as large plastic pipes.

Astro PFP FR Graphite can be used with a suitable filling material, i.e. stone wool or Astroflame Backing material in order to ensure correct width to depth ratio and to reduce the shrinking of the sealant during curing. Minimum depth and maximum width of the joints are included in the installation instructions. Thermal activation takes place at 150 °C when the material will expand (intumesce) to prevent the passage of fire and smoke for periods up to 4 hours.

Sound Insulation:

Description Sound reduction
Single sided seal ≥ 25mm depth Rw 53 dB
Double sided seal ≥ 25mm depth Rw > 53 dB

Astro PFP FR Graphite has been tested at EXOVA BM Trada (UKAS accredited); according to EN ISO 10140-2:2010. Usage of any backing material is optional, due to the tests being conducted with sealant only.

Emission data (indoor air quality):

Compound Emission rate after 3 days Emission rate after 4 weeks
TVOC 51 μg/m3 20 μg/m3
TSVOC ᐸ 5 μg/m3 ᐸ 5 μg/m3
VOC w/o NIK ᐸ 5 μg/m3 ᐸ 5 μg/m3
R Value 0.17 0.14
Formaldehyde ᐸ 3 μg/m3 ᐸ 3 μg/m3
Acetaldehyde ᐸ 3 μg/m3 ᐸ 3 μg/m3
Carcinogenic ᐸ 1 μg/m3 ᐸ 1 μg/m3
n.d. or ᐸ means not detected
Regulation or Protocol Conclusion
French VOC Regulation A+
French CMR components Pass
Italian CAM Pass
ABG / AgBB to the guidelines of DIBt Pass
Belgian Regulation Pass
Indoor Air Comfort GOLD ® Pass
Blue Angel (DE-UZ 123) Pass
BREEAM-International Exemplary Level
LEED v4.1 Compliant

Astro PFP FR Graphite has been tested by Eurofins Product Testing; reports available upon request.

Pipe end configurations:

When testing pipes, one can choose not to cap (or close) the pipe, or cap the pipe inside the furnace, or outside the furnace, or on both sides. The configuration chosen depends on the intended application of the pipe and/or the installation environment. The code defining if a pipe is capped is stated after the fire classification. For instance EI 60 C/U which means the pipe was capped inside the furnace, and uncapped outside the furnace. The test configuration defines the approvals possible.

Our engineering judgment based on EN 1366-3:2009 are:

Intended use of pipe Pipe end condition4)
Rainwater pipe, plastic At drainage U/U1)
Not at drainage C/C2)
Drainage or sewage pipe, plastic Ventilated drain U/U1)
Unventilated drain U/C1)
Drain w/water trap U/C1)
Not at drainage C/C2)
Pipe in closed circuit (water, gas, air, electricity etc.) C/C2) 3)
Flue gas recovery system pipe, plastic U/C1)
Pipe with open ends and ≥ 50cm length on both sides, plastic U/U2)
Pipe supported by suspension system, metal Fire rated support C/U1)
Non-fire rated U/C1)
Waste disposal shaft pipe, metal U/C1)

1) Suggested in EN 1366-3:2009. 2) Astroflames's judgment based on tests. 3) Metal pipes should have fire rated support. 4) U/U classified fire seals cover C/U, U/C and C/C. C/U classified fire seals cover U/C and C/C. U/C classified fire seals cover C/C.

Air Permeability:

Positive Pressure (Pa) Leakage (m3/h) Negative Pressure (Pa) Leakage (m3/h)
25 0.00 25 0.00
50 0.00 50 0.00
100 0.00 100 0.00
200 0.00 200 0.00
300 0.00 300 0.02
450 0.03 450 0.06
600 0.13 600 0.12

Astro PFP FR Graphite has been tested at Warringtonfire Testing and Certification Ltd (UKAS accredited); according to EN 1026: 2016.

Technical Data:

Condition Ready for use, water based graphite sealant
Specific gravity 1.56 - 1.60
pH 8.00 – 9.50
Reaction to fire B - s1, d0
Flash point None
Expansion in fire Approx. 1 : 25
Non-sticky 60 minutes
Film forming 30 minutes
Totally hardened 3 to 5 days depending on thickness and temperature, full cure may take up to 30 days
Flexibility Low to medium 12.5% according to ISO 11600
Durability Class Z2 intended for internal conditions with humidity classes other than Z1, excluding temperatures below 0°C
Thermal conduct 0.85 W/mK (+/- 3%) @ 20mm depth
Storage 12 months stored in unopened cartridges. To be stored in temperatures between 5°C and 30°C
Working life 30 years
Service temp. -15 to +75°C
Application temp. +4 to +30°C
Compatibility Suitable for use with most materials, but should not be used In direct contact with bituminous materials
Limitations Should not be used in permanently damp areas or in joints with excessive movement, joints at floor level or joints below the ground
Classification CE-marked - Sealant for fire rated penetrations class EI 240
Standard colours Dark grey (may grow darker during curing)


  • Single Cartridge - 310ml
  • Colour: Dark Grey

Download and review any of the following information:

Certification/Fire Test Reports:

CE InformationCE Marked Documents
'DoP's are 'Declaration of Performance'
'CoC's are 'Certificate of Constancy of Performance'
'ETA' European Technical Assessment Sheet
'TDS' are 'Technical Data Sheet'
'UKTA' are UK Technical Assessment Sheet